Virtual Roundtable: Air Quality, Plastics, Fisheries: How Innovative Governance Approaches Advanced Environmental Gains

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20 May 2020 – 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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This roundtable will bring together a diverse and multi-disciplinary group of environmental and governance experts to explore how non-state actors, sub-national authorities, and grassroots initiatives have emerged in recent years with growing influence and impact on governance processes.
By cross-fertilizing insight from innovative campaigns and coalitions on air quality, plastics, and fisheries policy, we will consider questions such as: How have these actors shaped the global agenda and created momentum where national and international governance processes could not? What ingredients are necessary for success? What are the broader implications for inclusivity and innovation in international governance? What resources are required to achieve success? What are the lessons learned that can be transferred into other environmental issues such as land and food system transformation?
This event is part of the Chatham House Inclusive Governance Initiative, which is examining how to build more inclusive models and mechanisms of global governance fit for purpose in today’s world.

Jacqueline Rowe

Programme Assistant, International Law Programme
020 7389 3287

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Source: International Law and Governance

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