War Crimes and their Prosecution

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5 March 2020 – 9:00am to 10:30am

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Chatham House | 10 St James’s Square | London | SW1Y 4LE

Michelle Butler, Barrister, Matrix Chambers
Charles Garraway, Visiting Fellow, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex
Additional speaker to be confirmed
Chair: Elizabeth Wilmshurst, Distinguished Fellow, International Law Programme, Chatham House


The International Criminal Court cannot act when crimes are being genuinely prosecuted in a state. The meeting will discuss whether the ICC complementarity rules apply when a state puts restrictions on the prosecution of war crimes committed in particular circumstances or within a particular time period. In this context, the discussion will also cover the extent to which such restrictions are precluded by international obligations such as those in the Geneva Conventions with regard to the investigation and prosecution of war crimes.

Jacqueline Rowe

Programme Assistant, International Law Programme
020 7389 3287

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Source: International Law and Governance

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