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Europol launches two new publications

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(Europol Press Release)
Europol is pleased to announce the release of two new publications: the Europol Review – General Report on Europol Activities, and The European Investigator – Targeting Criminals Across Borders.
The Europol Review is essentially Europol’s annual report, looking back at work carried out and results achieved in 2010. Having completed its first year as a fully-fledged EU agency, the report examines how Europol has supported EU law enforcement authorities in tackling serious international crime and terrorism throughout 2010. The Review sets out details of Europol’s mission and priorities, as well as how Europol functions through its network of Liaison Bureaux and secure communication channels, to facilitate the exchange of criminal intelligence and coordination of international police operations.
The chapter on Europol’s operational activities gives an insight into the priority areas of criminality that Europol is most concerned with, from drugs and people trafficking through to euro counterfeiting, fraud, high-tech crime and more.
Currently in English, the Europol Review will soon be available in all EU languages.
A PDF edition of the Europol Review can be downloaded from the Europol website.
The European Investigator – Targeting Criminals Across Borders – is designed to give a succinct overview of how EU law enforcement officers can benefit from Europol’s operational support. Each chapter of The European Investigator illustrates the different kinds of assistance offered by Europol such as specialist operational analysis, deployment of the mobile office, forensic and technical support, and setting up of Joint Investigations Teams.
With the continued growth in cross-border and organised crime, this publication informs EU law enforcement personnel about the services and options available from Europol to help them find the missing links or key intelligence required to solve often complex international investigations.
The European Investigator is available in every EU language, with versions produced especially for each EU Member State.
PDF versions of The European Investigator can be downloaded from the Europol website.
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