New FishXProxy Phishing Kit Making Phishing Accessible to Script Kiddies

FishXProxy is designed to evade detection and maximize credential theft attempts, equipped with features like traffic management to hide link destinations and a cross-project tracking capability for persistent targeting. Source: cyware.com ...
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Coyote Banking Trojan Targets LATAM with a Focus on Brazilian Financial Institutions

A .NET banking Trojan named Coyote has been identified as a threat to Brazilian financial institutions. It uses a unique execution chain involving the abuse of legitimate software to harvest user financial ...
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China's APT41 Crew Adds Stealthy Malware to its Toolbox

DodgeBox deploys MoonWalk backdoor as a DAT file post-execution. The backdoor shares evasion techniques with DodgeBox and uses Google Drive for command-and-control communication. Source: cyware.com ...
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