Securonix, AWS partner on new cloud-native SIEM solution

AWS customers will be able to connect their accounts to Securonix's AWS-hosted SaaS security software using what it calls a "bring your own cloud" model. Source: techrepublic.com ...
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New JavaScript Exploit Can Now Carry Out DDR4 Rowhammer Attacks

Academics from Vrije University in Amsterdam and ETH Zurich have published a new research paper describing yet another variation of the Rowhammer attack. Dubbed SMASH (Synchronized MAny-Sided Hammering), the technique can be used to ...
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New WhatsApp Bugs Could've Let Attackers Hack Your Phone Remotely

Facebook-owned WhatsApp recently addressed two security vulnerabilities in its messaging app for Android that could have been exploited to execute malicious code remotely on the device and even compromise encrypted communications. The ...
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