Coronavirus live: struggle to quash Sydney cluster with six new cases; Brazil's fifth day of more than 1,000 deaths

2.46am GMT

In the US scattered shortages of Covid-19 vaccines persisted on Saturday under pressure from growing demand, as previously inoculated Americans returned for their required second shots and millions of newly eligible people scrambled to get their first.

The supply gaps, coming as the U.S. vaccination effort enters its second month, prompted some healthcare systems to suspend appointments for first-time vaccine seekers and one New York healthcare system to cancel a slew of existing ones.

2.32am GMT

Mainland China has reported 109 new cases for the 24 hours to midnight, including 96 local transmissions. The numbers, while still high, are a drop on this week’s consecutive increases – mostly out of the worrying outbreaks in Hebei and Heilongjiang provinces.

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Source: The Guardian